How to Start Your Own Cafe or QSR?

F&B Business remains at the top of the charts as the most popular small business start-up idea. Opening a happening neighborhood Cafe - or Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) - is the most common aspiration of the prospective small business owner, but "happening" doesn't pay the salaries. F&B is serious business, requires a significant initial investment, and demands long hours of sweating it out from their owner-operators.

But starting a successful cafe doesn't have to be difficult..

The good news is that thorough planning in the early stages of starting up will help to cement your Cafe’s success in the future.

With so many business dynamics to look into - long work days, tough competition, thin margins, rising costs, to name a few – it can seem almost impossible to get a new cafe/QSR business up and running. But luckily, that’s not the case.

Starting and operating a profitable Cafe business is achievable – the key is in detailed and streetwise planning.

The Cafe & QSR Start-Up Guide will help you kickstart your Cafe/QSR Business planning process.

If you already  own a Cafe/QSR and are looking for ways to maximize operational efficiencies and marketing tips read the articles on Cafe Operations Marketing & Branding, Cafe & QSR Start-Up Guide to give your business a boost.


  1. Cafe Business Planning
  2. Cafe Theme & Concept
  3. Finalising A Location
  4. Menu Engineering
  5. Cafe/QSR Equipments & Machinery
  6. Cafe/QSR Interiors & Vendors